A few examples of the feedback and testimonials we receive;

Clinic or Individual Therapy, Parental Feedback

"Brilliant session, given lots of resources and ideas and advice to use at home.  Am really finding sessions are making a huge difference.  Seth is working hard in the sessions and a lot is covered"

"We are lucky to get Alex for Jay as she is always willing to help us and give information to us.  The most important thing is Jay loves to come here to work with Alex.  Since we've started speech and language therapy, Jay's progressed a lot .  I would highly recommend Talk Speech and Language Therapy"

"Alex has a really great rapport with my daughter which was built very quickly (considering Mia is usually very quiet with new people)  Some fantastic ideas for fun games to play to help pronunciation without it being a chore (no feeling of the sessions being a "test") Great follow up support too."


"Since the Talk Team have started at Bridge Learning Campus this year, I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have been instrumental in making a difference to the low levels of speech and language within our Early Years classes and from next term will be working with students up to Year 11. Their energy and flexibility of thinking with the team at BLC has been the real element that sets them apart from other S&L teams.

Since starting with us in Terms 5&6, they have already led INSET training, delivered training to support staff, worked within whole class situations, screened all new entries into Nursery and Reception, as well as showing progress with all of their language and phonology groups. The range of their skills has meant that other students within the campus have also had thorough individual assessments which they have been happy to share with parents too.

More importantly, all of the team have a wonderful way with the children, and the staff at BLC really value having them as part of the inclusion team".

Sarah Cheshire, Assistant Head Teacher -  Bridge Learning  Campus

"My son has learning disabilities and a severe speech delay. We have been working with Rachel for the past 6 months to help my son James develop his speech. We have had some major breakthroughs, James can now say his name, say "yes", which were very difficult for him to do due to his disabilities. In general his vocabulary has increased massively. James can be difficult to engage in activities, but Rachel has worked with him well due to her exciting speech therapy tasks, based on what James enjoys and the best approach for his disabilities. James always looks forward to Rachel coming as she has a personality which is very suited to her job! Rachel is also knowledgable about statements of educational need and has supported us to get a better statement for James."

Parent of child with learning difficulties, seen in the school setting

"Laura has been working with my class as a whole group over the past few terms. My class all have SEN, but not all have identified language difficulties. However, it is clear that all of them have greatly benefited from Laura's weekly sessions.

Behaviour in the sessions has improved rapidly and engagement is high. This has also transferred to other lessons, with a noticeable difference in behaviour during teacher input and class discussion. The class love the sessions and look forward to them each week - especially the experiments! They are able to work as a team to complete challenges and all pupils have increased their knowledge of grammatical words (noun, verb, adjective), syllables, categorisation and have greatly improved their description skills.

The sessions are also having an effect on other lessons across the curriculum. Pupils' ability to contribute to class discussions is noticeably better, with improved listening skills meaning that they can build on others' ideas. They are making their contributions in whole sentences, often offering reasons for their thinking, without being prompted by an adult.

Writing skills have greatly improved, with better knowledge of grammar and spelling, along with an improving vocabulary and an awareness that writing needs to be understood when it is read, like the descriptions they give in the Speech and Language sessions. The sessions have also provided pre-teaching and reinforcement for specific concepts in English. For example, the class were recently very successful in learning about using headings and sub-headings because they were able to link them to Laura's work on categories and sub-categories."

Class Teacher - Claire Nichols BLC